Where Boats Couldn't Take Us

With so much to come, and the ball only hours from dropping, it’s easy for us to obsess on the what the future holds rather than recount the adventures–and misadventures–that formed our dynamic 2017. The year to come for Gusto Brew Co is super bright and downright titillating to work toward; but it’s also sure to hold some frenzied days and weeks leading up to that extraordinary day when

we’ll share more than a story together.

This was it. 2017 was our time to pursue purpose. It was our time to embrace the arc for our lives that was being systematically and vibrantly set before us.

This was the year we burned the boats.

Because retreat is easy when you have the option, and retreat can be very cozy.

It was the best decision we've ever made.

If we hadn’t, we wouldn’t be here now sharing this New Year's Eve moment with you.

Since ‘tis the season for resolutions, we've got an easy one. We resolve to do exactly what we’ve already promised. If you’ve read our previous Stories and Reflections, you know what we’re talking about.

We resolve to cultivate something truly unique, to give like crazy, to whip up really swell beers...

Something bred with you in mind.

something small | something weird

Our 2017 was riddled with little defining moments leading up to this December 31st.

The most significant and terrifying of them all? Setting those ships of comfort ablaze

...and we wouldn’t change a thing.

Because who the heck wants a boat

when you need a spaceship to get where you’re going

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