The Tortuous Lecturer

We’ve already made it clear that Gusto Brewing Company is just as much for you as it is for us. In that light, you‘re gracious enough to put up with our sometimes aimless ramblings about life, beer, starting a brewery, or tidbits as vitally important as what kind of music we choose to groove on. We do anticipate that we’ll be able to pry you open a little more once the brews start flowing – but why wait until then?

In other words, we want to hear from YOU. Whether we like it or not, we’ve positioned ourselves in and among the monoliths of human communication with both an Interweb and a Facebook presence. The bright side of this apprehensively-made marketing decision is that we get to communicate with you. But last time we checked, communication is a two-way street... anything less is tortuous lecture. But rest assured, this ain’t school and we don't wish to bore you.

There will be plenty of time for those “Elite Yelpers” to speak their minds about our creations, but now is literally the only time in the history of GustoBrewCo when we'll have complete control over the message–the message we trust you to help us shape. So message us on Facebook, comment on our Stories and Reflections, or heck, send us an email. Tell us the types of things you'd like to see in your neighborhood haunt. We'll throw them against the wall that is our developing identity and see what sticks.

We wouldn’t ask if we didn’t care. Even though we think we know our community pretty well, we really do want your two cents, so let us know.

Trust us, we can take it. We wouldn’t be walking this close to the Sun if our heads were made of wax.

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