Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain

Besides just trying to make it all make sense, want to know why we always talk to you in the third person and attribute humanlike descriptors to our technically-inanimate business entity named Gusto Brewing Company, LLC? It’s not just for the dramatic effect, we promise.

GustoBrewCo isn’t just the next dancer up in the delightfully diverse conga line of craft breweries – it's more. It’s an idea, it’s a feeling, and it’s a cross section of our community’s unique taste and character that'll soon be communicated through unique brews and an experience that exudes the very best about this exceptional part of the world. And in this way, it naturally begins to command an identity all its own. If only for a moment, we want to pull aside that veil and introduce you to who’s thumbing the joysticks.

Cheers, from our fam to yours!

I’m Zack, and along with my bride Adriana, we’ve founded and are working tirelessly to build Gusto Brewing Company. With a little grit and luck we’ll get to share with you the physical culmination of that effort and vision around the same time that we’ll be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary.

Proud to grow up in this charming and wonderfully quirky place, we’ve been compelled to discover an avenue by which to express ourselves for the betterment of our community while exercising our passions. We’re here for a reason. We’ve sat front row and have watched as the events of our lives clearly and systematically point right here, right now.

My first tour of duty in the U.S. Coast Guard brought us to sunny Wilmington, NC, which was eerily similar in a lot of ways to CMC and is considered the East Coast Hollywood because of its prodigious film studio (East Bound and Down fans, where you at? Oh, and some other sappy little gem called One Tree Hill, among others). Enjoying the the start of its own brewery boom in 2010, Wilmywood’s emerging craft scene was our first real exposure to authentic fresh craft beer. Annnnnd we were hooked – instantly.

We had the pleasure of soaking in all the sights, sounds, and suds that this inventive little town was just bursting with. It was a glorious time for us, and it’s where our family grew to three. As much as the town, the military, and the move changed our lives, nothing will ever quite compare to how little Ronin’s debut on Earth recalibrated the lens through which we view our purpose.

...Except for, perhaps, baby-girl Charlie’s introduction fourteen months later before we could even unpack from the second move we'd just endured.

We were shipped from cozy and quaint Wilmington to Elizabeth City (its northerly, sprawling, and far more rural neighbor), and it was on the surface – a downgrade. Exploring ways to enjoy our tenure there with new friends and our now family of four, we attended a friend’s cookout ("cookout" because in Carolina, you eat barbecue, you don’t attend one). As fate would have it, this unassuming few-hour event would literally change our lives. How, you ask? The host was serving homebrewed goodness! And not only that, he was brewing right then and there in the backyard during the party. Yadda yadda yadda, lots of reading, some dollar bills later, and Adriana as both beneficiary and guinea pig for my learning process, I was [kind of] a brewer! The practice of honing that skill has been both relaxingly therapeutic and intellectually intoxicating to this day. Kellen, see what you did?

Shortly thereafter, the same force that sent us south, delivered us home. We traded Circle K back for Wawa, Carolina-style barbecue for pizza and hoagies, and a secure military-based career for the pursuit of passion. Against most popular logic and way off the beaten path, here we are. Although I did almost try to open a barbecue joint back in 2012 – a nonstarter and a story for another day.

Yo, I made that... but  Beer > BBQ

With hindsight, we're able to see how and why we're doing what we're doing.

We're here to create and innovate– here to share and to support – here because it’s where we belong;

and it wouldn’t be possible without this strong woman at my side, family, friends, and so many others along the way.

It takes a friggin' village.

Now, pay no more attention to that man (er, family) behind the curtain.

Their idea is just a whisper that's been granted a moment in time to thunder...

and only by way of the megaphone that your support holds up to its mouth.


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