Licensing and the Art of Lion Riding

While we count ourselves fortunate to undergo the rigmarole of starting a brewery in New Jersey, sometimes we feel like hamsters on a wheel—or if you’d prefer, perhaps a little like a circus boy jumping an 8-bit lion through a succession of flaming hoops. Tomayto, Tomahto.

Just over thirty days ago, all we had was a mountain of notarized paperwork and some secondhand stories of nightmarish brewery license acquisition. Safe to say we were a little intimidated; but before we could blink—or groan—we had an approved Brewer’s Notice delivered only eight whole days after submitting the application and its suite of attachments. Federal approval, swish.

The State of New Jersey’s Division of Alcoholic Beverage Commision, in its infinite wisdom, requires similar documentation, and then some. Flying high coming off of the Feds’ green light earlier that month, we were thirsty to submit to the state, and were able to do just that last Wednesday. We look forward to hearing our first rumblings in reply, and are confident in the great folks at the NJ ABC to process our application in a thorough and efficient manner.

If you’ve chosen to spend any of your valuable time sharing in this story with us, we promise you detailed updates in the future when appropriate. We will continue onward, and we hope that you’re in tow.

When we share milestones like these, we like to tell ourselves that you get just as jazzed as we do; so with that in common, we can’t promise each installment will be all sunshine and rainbows—but we’ll at least try to uncover the whimsical side of that day’s lion ride and flaming hoop.

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