Every Rose

Has Its Thorn

FYI, we know you just sang that title in your head like an 80’s-hair-metal boss.

...It’s ok, we do it every time. So, enjoy, it's stuck in your head now.

If you’ve signed on to receive our weekly emails (and if you haven’t— do it here), you’d know we finally got our comically-oversized set of construction plans last week. It’s pretty awesome to see our ideas come to life, even if they’re just on paper. The trickier part is translating them into the third dimension where they can actually be enjoyed. Tricky because we're not exactly carpenters or steel fabricators; nor are we plumbers or masons, electricians or HVAC specialists. Thankfully these great folks do exist and speak these varying languages.

Fluently? We speak beer. But heck, since this journey began, we’ve learned to speak pretty good licensing and even a little conversational state and federal law. But don’t let our self-proclaimed linguistic prowess even begin to fool you, our education is far from over. Along with these architectural and engineering plans comes our newest challenge, speaking the language that gets big stuff like this done— and done fast. Thankfully we’re surrounded by professionals and friends, often one in the same, who will act as our interpreters until we find the Rosetta Stone for this new contractor dialect.

Every step forward has its own unique set of challenges; and the most challenging part is that it's nearly impossible to fully understand how deep they run until you’re totally submerged in them... which is quickly followed by a non-literal scouring of the interwebs to locate the "For Dummies” book that applies to that challenge. It can be terrifying...and if nothing else, time consuming. The farther we dive down the rabbit hole, the clearer (and often more daunting) our challenge becomes, but so does the path to executing its completion. It’s kinda like reaching into a dark unknown: you know there's probably something super neat in there, but you're nervously wise to the possibility that it’s guarded by some sharp and pointy snare there to ward you off.

You can’t pluck roses without the fear of thorns… but you find a way

to pluck the stinkin' roses

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