Create. Preserve. Destroy.

Beer is an exceptional invention. Having survived some completely transformative evolutions and wee tweaks along the way, this more than 4,000 year old potable's possibilities and combinations of ingredients are still being experimented with right now as we share this moment together. And lucky us, we’re living in our own little craft beer renaissance – what a time to be alive! We already know you nerd out as hard as we do on this stuff, so our question for you is simply this:

What exactly is it about beer and the craft of its... um, crafting, that draws you into its sudsy goodness to the point where you find yourself reading someone else’s long-winded ramblings about its mystique?

While you gather your thoughts (but before you furiously tap them out on your keyboard in reply) we’ll share with you our more intangible philosophies and beer geekdom that tickle our collective fancy.

There's something for everyone. You've got your crisp-as-the-day-is-long, riding-mower-cup-holder-sidekick, butt-in-a-beach-chair, absolutely-good-for-what-ails-you thirst quenchers. And conversely, there exist your cold-night-by-the-fire, butt-in-a-snow-drift, obsidian-black-and-swarthy warmer uppers (that likely could have been used as the fuel to start that fire you’re enjoying); and every other shade of divine in between. They all have one thing in common (well, the good ones anyway), and that's that they were handcrafted purposely and specifically for our enjoyment– no matter the setting.

We really love this stuff… like really, really... and we take our soon-to-be honor and responsibility very seriously. We’re gonna brew beers that we’d want to drink ourselves. Beers that aim to pay proper homage to classic styles, and ones that flirt with the limits of creativity and that are refreshingly bold departures from the norm. Beers and a brewery experience that push back the frontiers of what's expected. Libations that draw us all closer in while broadening our horizons.

Good beer– for drinking.

Getting set to actually build the brewery itself requires us to really buckle down and be as practical and efficient with our time as we can. While we literally can't move any quicker than we currently are in that department, we've been making time to dial in some of these aforementioned concoctions. Whipping them up is a welcomed release and a reminder, amidst some of the less creativity-based duties, that when you boil it down (see what we did there?), it's only ever about the beer and how we utilize it to interact with this community.

Most things crafted with as much care and meticulous process are meant to be preserved for as long as possible, right? But good fresh beer is for the moment.. it's for enjoying the fruits of that labor of love, and enjoying it with Gusto.

Create. Preserve. Destroy.


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