But The Beatles Didn't Need a FaceBook!

The objective of these Stories and Reflections is multi-part.

1. We wish to share our triumphs and our calamities with those within our community and without, and

B. Reveal Gusto's unique identity and personality; because if just tucked away for ourselves, it is fruitless for both Gusto Brewing Company and the community it aims to serve.

If we can’t legally express ourselves yet via our refreshing take on the craft brewery scene, these periodic musings are all we have to satisfy thirsts. That said, we can work hard to develop effective ways of carrying that message outward.


Today’s raven and scroll – FaceBook and its social media cohorts.

We’ve long wrestled with the perceived benefits and drawbacks of a FaceBook presence. I mean, the Beatles didn’t need a FaceBook, right?! (and yes, we realize the impossibility of a Beatles FB page and the sheer audacity of using GustoBrewCo and the fantastic foursome in the same sentence… but back to our point) And that point is: that we don’t consider Gusto conventional and are still not convinced whether that presence speaks to our small and weird ethos. Time will tell.

Alas, as you may have already spied, we have indeed built a nest in the social giant’s footprint – but it wasn’t without trepidation and an oath to ourselves and you. We pledge here and now that we will not tolerate Gusto Brewing Company, nor any member of its party, becoming slaves to the “like” button or beholden to the tallies of “shares” we can muster.

Because dang it,

 We are Gusto. We are the walrus.

...and no surplus or deficit of social media attention will change that about us.

Holding a candle to the musical geniuses who changed the world as we know it won’t be an option for us, and that’s OK… but we will continue to act on the molten desire to carry every ounce of creativity we have along with us as we lunge forward.

Hold us to it– by checking back with us often and contributing your own stories and reflections. As for now, you can find us on FaceBook, so check us out @gustobrewco.

...or don’t, we don’t really care.

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