A Vice and a Virtue

We're at a junction that's presenting a different kind of challenge. Periods of slower-moving progress, and God-willing they’re short ones, ask us to exchange tenacity for patience. Maybe it’s our idle hands “talking,” but writing about the gravity of a virtue has been far easier than practicing it.

On the bright side, our diligent architect and engineer are coming through in heroic fashion to hoist us from these–as they compare to more bustling moments–doldrums. With a team of professionals on board, ready to translate concept to reality, the acquisition of construction permits should be a catalyst for some swift movement… not to mention a lot more photos and exciting things for us to tell you about.

While any kind of stagnancy makes it tough to stay on schedule, we can say with great certainty that one fantastic rep over the the NJ ABC doesn’t currently have that problem, as she’s combing through our application and its suite of attachments. This territory is unknown for us, but we’re thankful that it isn’t for her.

We promise to never intentionally waste your time with any of these Stories and Reflections. We like to use this platform to clue you into things that are happening and give you an inside peek into what we’re putting into this endeavor. We know that the line separating authenticity from arrogance is a thin one, and the same can be said for the blurred area between patience and frustration;

but when you’re steaming toward something truly awesome,

it's far more sustainable practicing virtue over vice.

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